The Reef at King’s Dock constructed by Keppel Group and Mapletree Investments are two very experienced developers in the real estate scene in Singapore. Some of their projects have received good reviews from home-stayers as well as investors alike.

Mapletree Investments

Mapletree Investments is an established real estate developer in Singapore and has countless projects that have received good reviews from home-stayers previously. They have a global presence besides in Singapore as well as other countries also and are very experienced in other forms of real estate such as retail, office, residential as well as commercial units . The offices of Mapletree are also spread out over the global cities such as Singapore, China, Hong Kong and India. Mapletree investments also seeks to get equity form its stakeholders through strategic partnership with other experienced real estate developers as well.

Mapletree is a real estate developer in Singapore that has projects in residential properties, lodging properties, office and retail locations, industrial areas, logistics, and data centre properties. They have been able to expand on their properties by having an impressive number of Singapore-listed investment trusts (REITs), along with five different real estate funds that are designated private equity. Mapletree company holds a diverse portfolio in such worldwide locations as not just Singapore, but also in China, Australia, Hong Kong SAR, Malaysia, India, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, South Korea, the US, the UK, and even Vietnam.

Mapletree Investments is an impressive firm and a leading real estate investment firm in Singapore. They also have developed such an impressive track record that they now have over 2,700 employees. Headquartered at the Mapletree Business City park, all of their investments have a five-year average return of at least 13.8% in their invested equity. Moreover, their five-year average return on equity (ROE) currently sits at 12.9%. Mapletree Investments has also won at least 300 awards and accolades for their service experience, business sustainability, investment organization, capital management, and building excellence.

Mapletree Investments also believe in giving back to the community. Mapletree have donated over 6,000 surgical masks to six different schools and charity establishments in Shanghai, Tianjin, Ningbo, Chongqing, and Foshan. The Mapletree Commercial Trust also committed to provide at least S$18 million of rental relief to all of their tenants affected by this COVID-19 outbreak. Finally, yet another thing they did in March of this year was to provide S$155,000 to the National University of Singapore in order to strengthen the research and make the public aware of just how important it is for communities to be engaged in scrap tyre recycling methods.

Reflections @ Keppel Bay

Reflections @ Keppel Bay by Keppel Land Close to Harbourfront

Corals @ Keppel Bay

Corals @ Keppel Bay by Developer Keppel Land

Carribean @ Keppel Bay

Keppel Land

Keppel Land is one of the largest real estate developer in Singapore. Keppel Land company operate in more than 20 countries and has been providing solutions for sustainable urbanization. It is also important to note that it has been focusing on energy and the environment for very many years. Additionally, Keppel Land is known to provide long term solutions in urban development and asset management.

Keppel Land main aim is to provide innovative and modern real estate solutions and the company is found in Asia, Singapore, China, and Vietnam. Keppel Land is also scaling up in other markets such as Indonesia and India.

As a sustainable green developer, Keppel Land strives to carry out its business in an environmentally responsible manner. Keppel Land has adopted a holistic approach in an effort to improve in environmental performance and to harness human capital and adopting modern innovation.

Keppel Land not only develop properties but also harmonize the environment and enhance the surrounding. Keppel Land has been supporting Singapore’s transition to a lower emission economy by reducing carbon emission intensity by about 40%. By 2030, they will have leveraged green technologies to increase their operational efficiency.

Furthermore, Keppel Land has adopted six Sustainable Development Goals in support of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Most of their Sustainable Development Goals are aligned with their business and material issues. Moreover, they have taken huge steps that will help them establish set targets while at the same time aligning with existing strategies.

Moreover, the company management has come up with Responsible Design Values. These values will help the company encapsulate its efforts to deliver the best standards in terms of sustainability and quality. It is good to keep in mind that all these guidelines are based on the four key principles. These principles include:

  • Integration of values.
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Marketability of their development projects.
  • Innovative designs.

Similar to other top property companies in Singapore, Keppel Land mainly focus on the design and development of their properties. They have identified emerging energy efficient technologies in Keppel Bay Tower. These technologies include a water management system and sensor technology. The main function of these technologies is to optimize fresh air intake and smart lighting solutions..

Recently, we have witnessed an increase in the demand of shared workspace globally. In response to that, Keppel Land company has introduced a new generation of serviced co-offices. These co-offices will leverage technology while at the same time catering for users who are looking for flexible space solutions. They have also developed an application. This mobile application will help users book their rooms with great ease by just tapping their mobile phone.